Technology Overview

  • Describing PeopleSoft Integration Technologies
  • Describing Web Services
  • Describing PeopleSoft Integration Broker
  • Describing Services and Service Operations
  • Describing Component Interfaces

Introducing PeopleSoft Integration Broker Architecture

  • Describing the PeopleSoft Integration Broker Architecture
  • Describing the PeopleSoft Integration Gateway
  • Describing Connectors
  • Describing the Gateway Services
  • Describing the Integration Engine
  • Explaining the Flow of Inbound Requests to PeopleSoft Integration Broker
  • Explaining the Flow of Outbound Requests from PeopleSoft Integration Broker

Configuring PeopleSoft Integration Broker

  • Describing PeopleSoft Integration Broker Configuration
  • Describing Nodes
  • Renaming Local Nodes
  • Creating Remote PeopleSoft Nodes
  • Configuring Integration Gateway Properties
  • Setting Service Configuration

Creating Messages

  • Describing Services and Service Operations
  • Describing Messages
  • Creating Rowset-based Messages
  • Describing Rowset-based Message Schema
  • Modifying Rowset-based Message Schema
  • Creating Nonrowset-based Messages

Creating Message Parts and Containers

  • Describing Message Parts
  • Creating Part Rowset Messages
  • Reusing Rowset-Based Message Parts
  • Creating Container Messages

Creating Asynchronous Service Operations

  • Adding Service Operations
  • Creating and Configuring Queues
  • Securing Service Operations
  • Adding Routings

Sending and Receiving Asynchronous Service Operations

  • Sending and Receiving Asynchronous Service Operations
  • Publishing Asynchronous Service Operations
  • Working with Rowsets in Service Operations
  • Populating Attribute Values for Container Messages
  • Describing Application Classes
  • Implementing INotificationHandler
  • Adding Handlers
  • Describing the Other Operation Types

Using Service Utilities

  • Describing Service Utilities
  • Administering Services
  • Using the Handler Tester
  • Using Service Operation Tester
  • Building and Validating Service Schemas

Monitoring Asynchronous Service Operations

  • Describing Service Operations Monitor and Statuses
  • Monitoring Asynchronous Services
  • Testing FILEOUTPUT Connector
  • Administering Service Operations
  • Logging Service Operation Transactions
  • Setting up Error Notification
  • Archiving Monitor Data

Creating Synchronous Service Operations

  • Creating Synchronous Service Operations
  • Describing Synchronous Service Operation Events
  • Implementing IRequestHandler
  • Using Custom Faults
  • Monitoring Synchronous Services

Applying Transformations

  • Installing and Configuring JDeveloper
  • Describing Transformation Programs
  • Creating an Application Engine Transform Program
  • Using the Oracle XSL Mapper
  • Testing Transform Programs in PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture
  • Adding Transformation to a Routing
  • Versioning Service Operations

Applying Data Translations Using Codesets

  • Describing Data Translation
  • Describing Codesets
  • Creating a Codeset Group
  • Creating Codesets
  • Creating Codeset Values
  • Writing a Transform Program for Data Translation

Creating and Testing Component Interfaces

  • Describing PeopleSoft Component Interfaces
  • Describing the PeopleSoft Component Interface Architecture
  • Describing the Elements of a Component Interface Definition
  • Creating Applications that Use Component Interfaces
  • Creating Component Interfaces
  • Setting Component Interface Security
  • Testing Component Interfaces

Implementing Component Interfaces

  • Describing Component Interface Instantiation
  • Adding Component Interface PeopleCode to an Application
  • Modifying Component Interface PeopleCode

Working with Component Interface Collections

  • Describing Component Interface Collections
  • Writing PeopleCode for Component Interface Collections
  • Working with Effective-Dated Data

Enabling Component Interfaces as Services

  • Describing Component Interfaces as Services
  • Service Enabling a Component Interface
  • Describing the Generated Service Operations
  • Describing Changing Component Interfaces

Providing and Consuming Web Services

  • Integrating with Third-Party Systems
  • Providing Web Services
  • Integrating with BPEL where PeopleSoft is the Provider
  • Consuming Web Services
  • Integrating with BPEL where PeopleSoft is the Consumer
  • Securing Web Services

Testing Service Operations

  • Describing the Send Master Utility
  • Identifying the Send Master Project Types
  • Creating an Integration Broker Project
  • Testing SOAP Messages
  • Testing Service Operations Using soapUI

Using IB Generic Message Feeds

  • Describing IB Generic Message Feeds
  • Publishing IB Generic Message Feeds
  • Viewing, Editing and Deleting Feeds