TIBCO Spotfire training:-


Visualization Modules

Setting Up Visualizations

Bar Charts

Scatter Plots

Line Charts

Pie Charts

Combination Charts

Cross Tables

Heat Maps

Parallel Coordinate Plots

Summary Tables



Box Plots

3D Scatter Plots

Map Charts


Data Modules

Loading Data

Merging Data

Adding Data Tables

Information Links

Loading Data On-Demand

Core Features

Marking and Data Drill-down


Saving and Exporting

Statistical and Data Manipulation Modules

Data Transformations

Data Binning

Calculated Columns

Using Data Functions

Similarity and Clustering

Error Bars and Lines & Curves

Data Relationships

Custom Expression Modules

Custom Expressions

Expression Functions

Node Navigation Methods

Authoring Modules

Sharing Analyses

Using Tags

Using Lists

Using Bookmarks

Using a Spotfire File as a Template

Tips for Analysis Authors

Using Script Controls

Using Text Areas

Coloring Concepts