Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprises (ASE) 12.5 & 15.0

Sybase Introduction, ASE Architecture & Versions12.5 & 15.x, System and optional Databases, Different clients for ASE, Directory Structure, Config file and configuration parameters, Run server file, Connectivity, Basic Memory Architecture.

Database Device, dsync, directio, disk resource issues, initialization of devices Creation of databases, setting ownership, segments, database options. Space management in system tables.

User Management, alias, login creation and user creations object permissions, database refreshes, and roles. System tables for the user mgmt. Issues with login and users. 

Backup policy, different backup technique, compression and stripe backup, full database and Tran backup including all options. Load of databases with full backup and tran backups, possible issues.

Automatic recovery, startup and shutdown of Sybase ASE, bulk copy, database consistency checks. Possible issue during startup, checkpint,house keeper task.

Dbcc installation, dbcc check storage and tasks verification, auditing installation, monitoring and maintenance tasks. 

Installation (in Windows and Unix) and upgrade (full version upgrade and ESD upgrade).

Introduction to advanced DBA topics , reorg, optdiag, remote servers, tempdb issues, real time issues . 
P & T introduction, some tips and trick, interview questions and conclusion.