Introduction to Authentication, Authorization and Auditing

  • Obtain connectivity to any LDAP
  • Create AAA policy using LDAP
  • Defining access control policies
  • Internal access control resources
  • AAA XML file
  • Access control using SAML

Common use patterns for connecting Data Power Service to different Systems

  • FTP
  • IMS
  • Database
  • NFS Clients
  • WTX (WebSphere Transformation Extender)

Introduction to Multi protocol gateway service for any-any communication and transformation

  • Create an multi-protocol gateway for any-any transformation
  • Configuration of Data Power for use with WebSphere Transformation Extender.
  • Create an multi-protocol gateway for any-any communication
    • MQ-to-HTTP gateway
    • HTTP-to-MQ gateway
    • MQ-to-MQ gateway

Introduction to troubleshooting / problem determination

  • Create traffic patterns, message types, message filters, message monitors.
  • Configure a service level monitoring policy
  • Associate message monitors with XML firewall service
  • Data Power architectural scenarios

Comprehensive list of Course Topics

Introduction to WebSphere Data Power appliances

  • Introduction to IBM Web Sphere Data Power SOA appliances
  • Introduction to Data Power SOA appliances Administration
  • Data Power SOA appliance installation and configuration
  • Introduction to Web Services, XML and XSL, XML firewall
  • Configuration to create Web service Proxy, XML Firewall
  • Content-based routing using XML firewalls

Introduction XML and Web Service security

  • Introduction to XS40/XI50 security features
  • Introduction to Data Power Crypto tools
  • Configure Data Power appliance to communicate using SSL
  • Associate SSL proxy profile with keys and certificate
  • SSL handshake/Digital Signatures
  • Advance XML firewall configuration
  • Implementing service policy
  • Content based routing using XML firewalls

Introduction to XML threat protection

  • Addressing the security concerns
  • Types of XML attacks
  • Message tampering
  • Recursive entity attack threat protection
  • Excessive attribute count protection
  • SQL injection attack and other potential attack prevention

Introduction to Web Service encryption and decryption

  • Create cryptographic objects
  • Create XML firewall to encrypt messages
  • Create an XML firewall to sign message
  • Field level encryption and decryption