SharePoint-2010 Training Schedule


  • Introduction to SharePoint
  • Why do we need SharePoint
  • History of SharePoint (Explain about of all versions of SharePoint)
  • What is the level of security we can provide in SharePoint
  • Data storing mechanism in SharePoint
  • Pre-requisites


  • What is SharePoint Sever-2010 and new features incorporated in 2010
  • Installation process of SharePoint-2010 in both Windows-7 and Windows Server-2008
  • What is IIS and importance of IIS in SharePoint
  • Architectural differences between SharePoint-2007 and SharePoint-2010


  • Life cycle of SharePoint page in browser
  • What is Farm in SharePoint
  • Various regions in SharePoint Farm
  • What is web Application and Site Collection in SharePoint
  • Lab/Demo


  • Structure of SharePoint Web Application and Site Collection
  • What is Sub site in SharePoint
  • Creating Sub site with various templates and their behaviors
  • Lab/Demo


  • What are Lists and Document Libraries in SharePoint
  • Differences between various templates in Share Point List and Document library templates
  • Version setting in Lists & Document Library and the difference between them
  • Lab/Demo


  • Organizing data in Lists & Document Libraries
  • Creating new Columns/fields in Lists with various data types
  • Grouping in views
  • Filters in views
  • What is a View and organizing views in SharePoint Lists and Libraries
  • Organizing the Lists and Libraries (Various Settings)
  • Lab/Demo


  • Integrating SharePoint with OutLook
  • Sharing Information Using SharePoint Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks Lists
  • Integration of SharePoint with MS-Office tools


  • What is Ghostable and un-Ghostable in SharePoint
  • Various type of pages in SharePoint
  • Behavior of pages in SharePoint pages
  • Publishing pages in SharePoint
  • Lab/Demo


  • Security Levels in SharePoint
  • Lab/Demo
  • What is permission levels in SharePoint
  • Creating custom Permission levels in SharePoint


  • Meta-Data in SharePoint
  • Site Columns in SharePoint
  • Lab/Demo
  • Content types in SharePoint
  • Creating content types in SharePoint
  • Lab/Demo
  • Associating content types with Lists and Libraries

Day-11& Day-12:

  • Sandbox and Form Solutions in SharePoint-2010
  • Web Parts in SharePoint
  • Various OOB Web Parts
  • Lab/Demo


  • Server Object model in SharePoint
  • Structure of SharePoint Server object model
  • Various Sever objects we use on a daily life
  • What is Console application in SharePoint
  • Creating Console application to access the SharePoint portal/Site
  • Lab/Demo


  • Deployment process in SharePoint
  • Why do we need the deployment process
  • What is STSADM
  • Lab/Demo


  • What are Custom Web Parts in SharePoint
  • Creating Custom Web Parts
  • Lab/Demo
  • Accessing list and libraries in custom web Parts


  • Tool pane properties in custom Web Parts
  • Creating custom tool pane properties in custom web parts
  • Lab/Demo


  • Event handlers in SharePoint
  • Creating List event handlers in SharePoint
  • Lab/Demo
  • Creating Site event handlers in SharePoint
  • Lab/Demo


  • Features in Share Point
  • OOB Features in Share point
  • Lab/Demo


  • Custom Features in SharePoint
  • Scope of a Features in custom feature
  • Creating Custom Features in SharePoint
  • Lab/Demo


  • Administration in SharePoint
  • What is list templates and saving list as template
  • Site themes in SharePoint and changing the site themes
  • Landing/home page modifications
  • Site Templates in SharePoint


  • SharePoint Designer
  • Using SPD in SharePoint
  • Customizing the views using SharePoint designer
  • Lab/Demo
  • Advantages & Dis-advantages


  • Master pages in SharePoint
  • Creating master Pages in SharePoint manually
  • Lab/Demo


  • Master pages in SharePoint
  • Creating master Pages in SharePoint using SharePoint Designer
  • Lab/Demo


  • Creating master and applying master page using VSS Solution
  • Integrating custom master page using SharePoint Feature
  • Lab/Demo


  • Page layouts in SharePoint
  • OOB page layouts in SharePoint
  • Lab/Demo
  • Custom page layouts in SharePoint manually
  • Lab/Demo


  • Custom page layouts in SharePoint
  • Creating Custom page Layouts using SharePoint Designer
  • Lab/Demo
  • Custom page layouts using VSS solution integrated with Feature
  • Lab/Demo


  • Workflows in SharePoint
  • OOB work flows in SharePoint
  • Lab/Demo


  • Custom workflows in SharePoint
  • Creating custom workflows in SharePoint Designer
  • Lab/Demo

Day-29& Day-30:

  • Sequential work flows in SharePoint
  • Creating Sequential workflows in VSS
  • Lab/Demo


  • What is Search in SharePoint
  • Configuring Search in SharePoint
  • Lab/Demo


  • What is Client object model in Sharepoint-2010
  • Lab/Demo

Note: Duration of the course isĀ  Daily 1.30h each session.